The Farming Life Centre became a Charitable Company in 2009.  It is governed by a Board of Trustees/Directors which meets on a quarterly basis to receive a full project report from the Chief Executive, a full financial report from the Treasurer and to consider all strategic issues relating to the Centre.

 Trustees appointed at the 2016 Annual General Meeting

Trustee Background
Lyndon Horwell – Chair Banking professional and smallholder
Liz Fitzgibbon – Treasurer Chartered Tax Advisor
Judy Dilks Dairy farmer
Jane Gibbs Upland sheep farmer
John Lomas Upland sheep farmer
Chloe Palmer Farm and environmental consultant
Carol Lloyd Community based Wellbeing Worker

Trustee Meetings 2017

Monday 6th March at 6.00pm
Monday 12th June at 6.00pm
Monday 25th September at 6.00pm
Monday 4th December at 6.00pm
The date for the AGM is Monday 23rd October at 6.00pm
Accounts for the Year to March 2016accounts