Farming Equipment and Technology Fund: Eligible grant items

This page features details of the required Specification and Grant amount of eligible items. For help exploring the items available, particularly if you are searching for something specific that you would like to apply for on your farm, please contact us at The Farming Life Centre for free, confidential, impartial support.

Items available through the Farming Investment Fund by category:



Resource Management

Precision and Analysis

Livestock Handling and weighing equipment

Other Livestock equipment


Some items have a limit on the amount that you can apply for funding for. These are:

  • FETF 23 UV Water Treatment System
  • FETF87 Hand-held Automatic Teat Washing System
  • FETF88 Heat and Service Detector
  • FETF95, Additional Feed Station
  • FETF102, Auto Vaccination Gun for livestock

For items which are new and not previously available under the Countryside Productivity Small Grant Scheme, the Item Number is shown with an asterisk*.