Peak Farmers Group

Driven by Farmers for Farmers

What’s it all about?

A collaborative group run by farmers for farmers – because nobody is better placed to understand the challenges of farming than farmers themselves.

Why join the group?

It is free and open to all – providing a chance to find out what’s new that could benefit both you and your farm business. All events are optional to members.

New opportunities

Discover and learn through farm walks and field trips. Meet and share ideas. Enjoy social events and take part in informal group discussions with fellow farmers.

A period of change

Farming is evolving – our farmer led group is intended to provide access to knowledge, methods and techniques – helping you make informed decisions to prepare for the changes ahead.

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How to find out more?

Find us @PeakFarmersGroup on Facebook and Instagram to find out more about our events and activities. To join an event or become a member contact us on 07904691457 or email