The Agricultural Transition Plan

How Farming is Changing

The Agricultural Transition Plan sets out the changes the Government intends to make to agricultural policy in England from 1 January 2021. It also covers what these changes will mean for farmers and land managers.

You can read The Agricultural Transition Plan in full by clicking here.

There is also more information on the changes that will happen within the farming industry between now and 2024 to be found in a booklet called Farming is Changing.

This sets out the latest information on farming policy in England from 1 January 2021. It will be updated as needed and aims to remove some uncertainty. Email for a physical copy of the ‘Farming is Changing’ publication. Please remember to include your full postal address. The booklet gives information that farmers and those in the farming industry might need to get ready for the coming changes, such as:

  • phasing out direct payments
  • changing how farmers and land managers work together
  • changing rules and regulations
  • grant programmes

The table below shows worked examples of how different BPS amounts will reduce over the period:

The Farming is Changing booklet can be viewed here: